Cries of the warming alarmists deserve skepticism

By | July 22, 2007

Cries of the warming alarmists deserve skepticism

Doug Craig’s “Speak Your Piece” lauding Ken Murray for seeing the light concerning human causation of global warming cries out for a reply.

I am weary and skeptical of the alarmists among us who see nothing but problems with humans and human activity. There are never-ending parades of studies and statistics demonstrating how humans interfere in the natural world like we are aliens on this planet with no credit for being a part of nature.

I am also skeptical of a movement that will not tolerate opposing views and wants to cut off all debate; say we have a consensus on global warming although a consensus is not science because science is fact; and vilifies people who say anything that doesn’t recognize that our current state of affairs is due mainly to human activity. The loudest mouths are a bunch of hypocrites who won’t change their lifestyles (Al Gore, John Edwards, John Travolta, etc.) but expect the rest of us dupes to change ours.

The alarmists totally ignore a rather large body of evidence to the contrary by some very renowned scientists. They use computer models that ignore worldwide precipitation. They use models that show the 1990s as the “hottest decade” and fail to acknowledge that the collapsing Soviet Union had closed hundreds of temperature measuring stations in some of the coldest parts of the earth during the ’90s and these readings are not part of the models. They point only to receding glaciers and ignore advancing glaciers, which can be very near the receding ones. Some of these same alarmists were warning us of a looming Ice Age in the 1970s. I could go on a lot longer but space is limited.

There is a common thread among these alarmists, besides seeing the worst in all human activity, and that is that they don’t like capitalism. If you can count on one thing whenever a crisis is brought to our attention by these people, it will be that economic activity will have to be ratcheted down — from Sheryl Crow’s urging us to only use one sheet of toilet paper each time we sit down to either stopping the manufacture of SUV’s or making their engines so powerless you couldn’t get out of the right hand lane on Interstate 5. But I guarantee, their lifestyle will not be impacted. (Ever heard of buying carbon credits?)

Mr. Craig cited the book “Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning,” by George Monbiot. This is the same George Monbiot who was quoted as saying “Every time someone dies as a result of floods in Bangladesh, an airline executive should be dragged out of his office and drowned.” With an agenda like that, you have to be suspicious of these people.

In conclusion, keep in mind that combustion emissions, CO2, contribute about 2 percent of greenhouse gases. Cow flatulence and dung contribute a larger percentage in methane gas, another greenhouse gas.

The U.K. Department of Health calculates that, if the southern U.K. warmed by 3 degrees Celsius by the 2050s, as some claim, 20,000 more people would die in summer heat waves each year, but 20,000 fewer people would die of cold in the winter. Yale economics professor and climate expert Robert Mendelsohn testified to the Senate that if warming reaches 5 degrees Celsius over the next century, the United States likely will enjoy agricultural benefits of from $1 to $10 billion.

I’ve listened to Ken Murray on the radio for many years and think he is intelligent and thoughtful. He does need to do more research on this subject.

Robert M. Buckley II lives in Anderson.