Manmade Contribution to Global Warming is Not a Planetary Emergency

By | August 22, 2012



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Many thanks for the invitation to attend your conference and to speak here. I appreciate that a mere politician, a former economist, has been invited to address this well-known gathering of highly respected scientists. If I understand it correctly, this year´s seminar is devoted to the discussion of the role of science and of “planetary emergencies”.

To the first topic, I want to say very clearly that I don´t see a special role for science which would be different from doing science. I have, of course, in mind “normal science”, not a “post-normal science” whose ambitions are very often connected with political activism. The role of scientists is not in speculating on the probabilities of events that cannot be directly measured and tested, nor in promoting a pseudo-scientific “precautionary principle”, nor in engaging in activities which are the proper function not of scientists but of risk managers.

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    The MSM does not touch the daily events. NPR tried to pretend to cover the full history over the years. Pretended. Ilan Pappe out on the front lines decades ago. Phil thanks for the updates. Would be amazing to be there. Thanks again. This movement is growing by leaps and bounds while things only get worse for the Palestinians on the ground.


    The only way to interpret 'cooperation' is to go with the Democrat line …any other is considered a blocking tactic, not cooperation. Only they, the Dumbocrats, have ALL the answers and the real problem is that the Republicans do not respond to the BS by Reid and company. It is time to show America that the real road-block is Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats…


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    Finn, might the Science Park authorities be open to converting some of that lawn to meadow? The wildlife benefits would probably be great. I’ve just been listening to the bird programme on Radio 4, bemoaning the plight of various birds, especially the Turtle Dove. One bright spot is that some farmers, God bless them, are actually planting hedges.

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