A Chronological Listing of Early Weather Events

By | July 28, 2011




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The focus of this paper is early (historic) weather events. The chronology cuts off at the year 1900 A.D.

Recent weather events are fairly well documented. Excluded from the chronology are events caused by man (such as the 1642 Kaifeng flood which killed 300,000 Chinese, and the 1938 Yellow River flood that caused 500,000 Japanese/Chinese fatalities) and events caused by other non-weather related catastrophes (such as tsunami waves caused by earthquakes/volcanoes). The chronology does include major volcano induced global cooling events.

This chronology begins at 0 A.D. A few of the source chronologies actual date some weather events as far back as 1,800 B.C. I have left these out of this chronology because the further one goes back in time, the less certain the dates. This is because these chronologies use calendars (such as AM – Anno Mundi), and the events in many cases were derived using a variety of ancient calendars systems. And date uncertainty is introduced in calendar conversion. This is also due to the inexactness within the narrative descriptions.

Why is a chronological listing of weather events of value? If one wishes to peer into the future, then a firm grasp of the past events is a key to that gateway. This is intrinsically true for the scientific underpinnings of weather and climate.

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