Estimates of Global Food Production in the Year 2050 – Will We Produce Enough to Adequately Feed the World?

By | June 30, 2011

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Global food security is one of the most pressing societal issues of our time. Based on food production databases assembled and maintained by the United Nations, I have identified the specific crops that supply 95% of the food needs of the world, six large regions into which the world may be divided, twenty sub-regions, and twenty-five individual countries of particular interest. I have then projected trends in the productivities of these key crops for each of these geographical areas to the year 2050, finding that expected advances in agricultural technology and expertise will significantly increase the food production potential of many countries and regions, but discovering that these advances will not increase production fast enough to meet the demands of the planet’s even faster-growing human population. The positive impact of Earth’s rising atmospheric CO2 concentration on crop yields, however, will considerably lessen the severity of the looming food shortage. In some regions and countries it will mean the difference between being food secure or food insecure; and it will aid in lifting untold hundreds of millions of people out of a state of hunger and malnutrition, thereby preventing widespread starvation and premature death.

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