Rising Atmospheric C02 and Soil Erosion

By | February 21, 2014



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Almost from the beginning of scientific interest in the subject, study after study had concluded that soil erosion by both wind and water was a major environmental problem. In fact, in an article published in Science a decade and a half ago, Trimble and Crosson (2000)[1] noted that “some sources have suggested that recent erosion is as great as or greater than that of the 1930s,” just as some sources were suggesting that global temperatures were greater at that time than they were in the 1930s (Crowley, 2000; Mann 2000).

The remarkable feature of this long-held belief in continued high, or even increasing, soil erosion, in the words of Trimble and Crosson, was that “it was based mostly on models,” just as the global warming scare was (and still is!) based mostly on models.