Effects of Atmospheric C02 Enrichment on Plant Hormones

By | August 30, 2012


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[Illustrations, footnotes and references available in PDF version]

With respect to the significance of these findings, the six Chinese researchers write that plant hormones “can enhance plant growth and development by stimulating cell division, cell elongation and protein synthesis (Yong et al., 2000), whereas ABA is considered an inhibitor of leaf growth (Zhang and Davies, 1990).” In addition, they note that “plant hormone metabolism is dependent on the supply of carbohydrates (Taiz and Zeiger, 1998).” Therefore, based on what they learned from their experiment, they concluded that “higher carbohydrate production,” such as that induced by atmospheric CO2 enrichment, “may result in higher hormone concentrations, which in turn may enhance plant growth,” a phenomenon that has also been observed by Jitla et al. (1997) and Li et al. (2002), the latter of whom reported that elevated CO2 increased the concentrations of several plant hormones in leaf and aerial root tips of an epiphytic CAM orchid by as much as 21-fold.

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