Observed Climate Change and the Negligible Global Effect of Greenhouse-gas Emission Limits in the State of Oregon

By | July 26, 2010

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In this report, we review the long-term climate history of Oregon and find little in the way of evidence that the greenhouse gas build-up in the atmosphere has done much to alter Oregon’s climate. While temperatures have generally appeared to have risen slightly across the state over the past 100 years, they have in fact fallen a bit during the past 20 years. The state’s precipitation and drought histories are marked by annual and decadal variability rather than long-term change. Variations in the state’s climate are significantly influenced by natural variations and cycles driven in part by decadal variations in the Pacific atmosphere/ocean system. Future sea level rise will be muted by Oregon’s geologic processes which generally act in opposition to rising oceans by raising the level of the state’s coastlines. Further, scares of increasing tropical diseases are easily shown to be misapplication of the true facts.