Global Warming Art?

By | July 21, 2011




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Does a piece of art mean something because the artist intended it to go so, or, rather can the meaning be perceived differently by each viewer?

The artist may want us to think about something when viewing a piece of art, but are we bound to do so? And what if the artist is wrong? Does the art then become nothing but a collection of material with no soul? Does the art cease to be, or can each of us resurrect it again, to fit our own sense and sensibilities?

I ponder these questions as I read about a new art installation being erected at the University of Wyoming. The installation includes an outdoor sculpture by British artist Chris Drury entitled “Carbon Sink.” The piece is to consist of a large horizontal swirl of pine logs from trees that were killed from pine beetle attacks that Drury links to global warming. Amongst the log swirls are to be set chunks of coal, and all will spiral into a black pit of charred logs in the center. You can follow progress at Chris Drury’s blog site.


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