SPPI Monthly CO2 Report: January

By | February 3, 2009

sppi jan co2 report


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Edited by Christopher Monckton

[Illustrations, footnotes and references available in PDF version]  

Table of Contents

The Bush Years:  8 Years’ Global Cooling
CO2 Rising below IPCC Predictions – Chart
IPCC Exponential CO2 Growth Not Occurring – Chart
The 29-Year Global Warming Trend- Chart
The Bush Years – Chart
The Gore Years – Chart
Sea Level Rise – Chart
Arctic Sea Ice Extent – Chart
Antarctic Sea Ice Extent – Chart
30 Years of Sea Ice – Chart
Hurricane and Tropical Cyclone Activity – Chart
Climate-Sensitivity Ready Reckoner
New Science – Breaking News in the Journals
30-Second Summary
Tropical Atlantic and Caribbean Cyclones
“Global Warming” and Wildfires
Estimating 21st Century Sea-level Rise
How Permanent is Permafrost?
The Middle Ages Were Warmer Than Today