SPPI Monthly CO2 Report: February

By | March 5, 2009

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Edited by Christopher Monckton

[Illustrations, footnotes and references available in PDF version]  

Table of Contents

Sea level has not risen for three years
CO2 concentration is rising, but still well below IPCC predictions
IPCC predicts rapid, exponential CO2 growth that is not occurring
The 29-year global warming trend is just 2.5 °F (1.5 °C) per century
A long decline: 7 years’ global cooling at 3.6 °F (2 °C) per century
Pachauri’s endpoint fallacy: “‘GlobalWarming’ is getting worse”
Why the endpoint fallacy is a fallacy: global cooling is accelerating
For the past three full years, global sea level has not risen
Arctic sea-ice extent has scarcely declined in the 29 years since 1980
Antarctic sea-ice extent reached a 30-year peak in late 2007
The regular “heartbeat” of global sea-ice extent: steady for 30 years
Hurricane and tropical cyclone activity reached a new low in 2008
Spotlight on the changing science behind the changing climate
How the UN bloats CO2’s warming effect
Your climate-sensitivity ready reckoner

Thirty-Second Summary
Amphibian Population Declines
A Century of Parana River Streamflow Data
Tropical Cyclones off the Northwestern Coast of Australia
Floods of theMississippi River System
The Middle Ages were warmer than today: Owens Valley, White Mountains, California, USA