Science Papers

By | July 12, 2007

Below is a list of Science Papers accumulated by us here at Science and Public Policy Institute. SPPI Originals SPPI Scarewatch Commentaries and Essays Monckton Collection Reprint Series Other

Scientists Rally Around NASA Chief After Global Warming Comments

By | July 12, 2007

For Immediate Release  WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Jun. 1 -/E-Wire/– "NASA's top administrator, Michael Griffin, speaking on NPR radio made some refreshingly sensible comments about the present global warming scare," said Robert Ferguson, Director of the Science and Public Policy Institute. "Many rationalist scientists agree with him, clearly demonstrating there is no scientific consensus on man-made, catastrophic global… Read More »

Coal is the enemy of the human race – James Hansen

By | July 11, 2007

Scientific data reveal that the Earth is close to dangerous climate change, to tipping points that could produce irreversible effects. Global warming of 0.6°C in the past 30 years has brought the Earth's temperature back to about the peak level of the Holocene — the current period of climate stability, now of nearly 12,000 year duration — and… Read More »