Hurricane Hysteria

By | July 18, 2007

Besides being darned good forecasters, the good people at the National Hurricane Center are also paragons of social sensitivity. They give storms names reflective of the cultures through which they are likely to pass. Hurricanes in the Atlantic basin are given anglicized names or ones that are roughly similar in both English and Spanish: Alberto, Bob, Gloria. In… Read More »

Fear of a global ‘coldening’

By | July 13, 2007

LAST month Australians endured our coldest June since 1950. Imagine that; all those trillions of tonnes of evil carbon we've horked up into the atmosphere over six decades of rampant industrialisation, and we're still getting the same icy weather we got during the Cold War.

A Rational Approach to the Global Warming Issue

By | July 13, 2007

A Rational Approach to the Global Warming Issue All ten of the propositions listed below must be proven true before any significant time, effort, and resources should be expended on costly policy measures in what (even if it were necessary) would be a doomed effort to mitigate the supposed threat from climate change – measures like mandatory limits… Read More »

Current Issues in Climate Science: Focus on the Poles

By | July 13, 2007

After a much publicized rapid retreat during the period 2002 through 2005, Greenland’s Helheim glacier, has stabilized and begun advancing. The restabilization of the Helheim glacier alone could be responsible for a reduction in excess of 10 percent of the current mass loss from Greenland.

Links & Resources

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