‘Artic Tale’: Global warming goes family friendly

By | July 22, 2007

‘Artic Tale’: Global warming goes family friendly By Andrew C. Revkin Monday, July 23, 2007 NEW YORK: There is something unnerving about watching a polar bear stalk across floating sea ice in the Arctic and doing so from the frigid waters directly beneath the bear, the world’s largest four-legged predator. Overhead, through ice so thin that it is… Read More »

Mob wars hit new heights in Israel

By | July 21, 2007

JERUSALEM – When an explosion goes off on a busy Israeli street these days, it seems as likely to be a mob hit as a Palestinian attack. Rival underworld gangs are waging bloody battles for control of gambling and protection rackets, targeting each other with bullets, bombs and anti-tank missiles.

How not to measure temperature #24 – Worst Station Ever

By | July 21, 2007

Warren Meyer, one of the first surfacestations.org volunteers, delivered Tucson for us Saturday. It was discovered during an analysis of climate stations around the USA on the Climate Audit blog that Tucson had the greatest positive temperature trend for any USHCN station after the TOBS adjustment was applied. The TOBS adjustment corrects for differences in local times of… Read More »