Open Letter in Response to Namoi Oreskes’ Criticisms

By | September 5, 2007

My attention has been drawn to what purports to be a statement by Naomi Oreskes, a science historian at the University of California at San Diego, commenting on a forthcoming but not yet finalized paper of mine, an early draft of which was circulated without my authority.

Warming debate: Scene 1, take 2

By | August 24, 2007

IF THERE’S anything climate-change crusaders are adamant about, it is that the science of the matter is settled. That greenhouse gases emitted through human activity are causing the planet to warm dangerously, they say, is an established fact; only a charlatan would claim otherwise.

SPPI Papers by British Peer Disprove Catastrophic Human-Induced Global Warming and “Consensus”

By | August 23, 2007

In two major new Science and Public Policy (SPPI) papers, Lord Monckton, a former advisor to Margaret Thatcher as UK Prime Minister, startlingly but definitively demonstrates that the distinctive fingerprint of human greenhouse warming predicted by the UN’s computer models is absent from real-world observations, and that the reputed scientific “consensus” on “global warming” is likewise non-existent.

Greenhouse Warming? What Greenhouse Warming?

By | August 22, 2007

THE FACT of warming tells us nothing of the cause. Yet the scientific consensus is that, though the rapid climatic warming from 1906 to 1940 was a natural recovery from the historically low temperatures of the Little Ice Age, it is we who are chiefly to blame for the equally rapid warming from 1975 to the present.