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Was 2014 the Warmest Year on Record? No, It Wasn’t…

By | January 20, 2015

Nature trumpets “2014 was the hottest year on record,” citing the Japan Meteorological Agency, the World Meteorological Organization, and NOAA. However, NOAA and several other principal terrestrial temperature datasets – which are anyway subject to measurement, coverage and bias uncertainties and have been repeatedly revised in a questionable fashion over the past year to show ever greater warming… Read More »

Onward Marches the Great Pause

By | December 23, 2014

Since October 1996 there has been no global warming at all (Fig. 1). This month’s RSS temperature plot pushes up the period without any global warming from 18 years 1 month to 18 years 2 months (indeed, very nearly 18 years 3 months). Will this devastating chart be displayed anywhere at the Lima conference? Don’t bet on it.

The IPCC Admits Defeat

By | February 19, 2014

All you need to know about “global warming” is in this one simple graph. For 17 years 5 months, there has not been any global warming at all.

Frauds, Serious Frauds and IPCC Assessment Reports

By | September 19, 2013

In the 19th century, British Prime Ministers used to say there were “lies, damned lies, and statistics”. In the 21st century, we may say there are frauds, serious frauds, and IPCC Assessment Reports. Recall, for instance, the notorious graph in the Fourth Assessment Report that falsely indicated that the rate of global warming is accelerating and we are… Read More »

But What Do We Mean by Consensus?

By | September 18, 2013

The celebrated mathematician, astronomer and philosopher of science Abu Ali Ibn al-Haytham, or Alhazen, is justly celebrated as the founder of the scientific method. His image appears on Iraqi banknotes and on the postage stamps of half a dozen nations of the ummah wahida. Al-Haytham, unlike Naomi Oreskes, did not consider that consensus had any role in science.

Response to the Scare-Mongering of the Financial Times

By | September 4, 2013

A recent article in the Financial Times reproduced on the internet recently by CNBC (, is predicated on the assumption that there has been a “record decline in Arctic sea ice”. However, the data on sea-ice extent only go back to 1979. And they show the Arctic sea ice declining but Antarctic sea ice increasing, so that the… Read More »

The Logical Case against Climate Panic

By | July 25, 2013

Logic is the heartbeat of all true learning – the soul of the Classics, the Sciences and Religion. Once everyone studied the Classics, to know that in logic there is a difference between true and false; the Sciences, to discern where it lies; and Religion, to appreciate why it matters. Today, few study all three empires of the… Read More »

Ten Years’ “Accelerated Global Warming”? No, Mr. President!

By | July 23, 2013

During the July 2013 U.S. Senate hearing at which Roger Pielke Jr. and Roy Spencer gave stellar testimony to the visible discomfiture of the climate-extremist witnesses, none of the Democrat Senators and none of those they had chosen to testify before them was at all anxious to defend Mr. Obama’s assertion that over the past decade global warming… Read More »

Request for Correction of Serious Inaccuracy

By | May 7, 2013

As an Expert Reviewer for the Fifth Assessment Report, 2013, and in accordance with the IPCC Protocol for Addressing Possible Errors in IPCC Assessment Reports, I am writing to report a serious inaccuracy in the contribution of Working Group I to the Fourth Assessment Report, 2007. As a result of the inaccuracy, one of the report’s central conclusions… Read More »