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Hot tempers on global warming

By | August 14, 2007

BOSTON: Introducing Newsweek’s Aug. 13 cover story on global warming "denial," editor Jon Meacham brings up an embarrassing blast from his magazine’s past: an April 1975 story about global cooling, and the coming ice age that scientists then were predicting.

Hurricane Season Far From Over

By | August 6, 2007

The tropics remain quiet midway through the first two months of the 2007 Atlantic Basin Hurricane season, and that has many people thinking that hurricane forecasters, including Chief Hurricane Forecaster Joe Bastardi, were wrong in their forecasts for the 2007 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season.

Newsweek’s Chilling Effect

By | August 6, 2007

Environment: Newsweek equates global warming skeptics with Holocaust deniers and accuses reputable scientists of being paid to create confusion in the face of consensus. Galileo is once again on trial.