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‘Artic Tale’: Global warming goes family friendly

By | July 22, 2007

‘Artic Tale’: Global warming goes family friendly By Andrew C. Revkin Monday, July 23, 2007 NEW YORK: There is something unnerving about watching a polar bear stalk across floating sea ice in the Arctic and doing so from the frigid waters directly beneath the bear, the world’s largest four-legged predator. Overhead, through ice so thin that it is… Read More »

How not to measure temperature #24 – Worst Station Ever

By | July 21, 2007

Warren Meyer, one of the first volunteers, delivered Tucson for us Saturday. It was discovered during an analysis of climate stations around the USA on the Climate Audit blog that Tucson had the greatest positive temperature trend for any USHCN station after the TOBS adjustment was applied. The TOBS adjustment corrects for differences in local times of… Read More »

Gore Lost in Space

By | July 19, 2007

As Al Gore continues his global warming crusade, he apparently is finding it necessary to invent scarier and scarier scenarios (no doubt to keep the press and his audience interested) and in doing so, does not feel limited to reality. For instance, Al Gore’s latest theme is that anthropogenically-induced climate change will threaten the very existence of the… Read More »

Climate Extremism: the Real Threat to Civilization

By | July 19, 2007

There is nothing particularly unusual about current weather and climate change – it is generally well within long-term normal patterns. However, the public believes otherwise due to a combination of the way in which people have been taught to view nature, political exploitation of science and the hidden motives of environmental extremists. How did this happen and where… Read More »

Climate Change website launched

By | July 19, 2007

TORONTO — Ontario risks a future with few or no polar bears, expanded threat of disease-carrying insects and other calamities as the province's climate changes, Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay says.

Hurricane Hysteria

By | July 18, 2007

Besides being darned good forecasters, the good people at the National Hurricane Center are also paragons of social sensitivity. They give storms names reflective of the cultures through which they are likely to pass. Hurricanes in the Atlantic basin are given anglicized names or ones that are roughly similar in both English and Spanish: Alberto, Bob, Gloria. In… Read More »