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Abrupt Climate Change

By | July 25, 2007

Climate alarmists are always talking about abrupt climate changes resulting from earth’s rising temperature passing some ominous “tipping point” that triggers the occurrence of more numerous and severe storms, floods and droughts. One need only look to Al Gore’s testimony of 21 March 2007 before the United States Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee for confirmation of this… Read More »

Calcification (Other Marine Organisms) – Summary

By | July 25, 2007

For some time now, the ongoing rise in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration has been claimed to be raising havoc – or just about to be doing so – with earth’s calcifying marine organisms by lowering the calcium carbonate saturation state of seawater, which phenomenon has been predicted to greatly hamper the abilities of these creatures to produce their… Read More »

Global Warming and Butterfly Species Richness in Canada

By | July 25, 2007

One of the especially nasty predictions of climate alarmists is that global warming will lead to the extinctions of hordes of species of plants and animals, among which is the ubiquitous butterfly. For an in-depth discussion of this subject, see our major report The Specter of Species Extinction: Will Global Warming Decimate Earth's Biosphere. For a synopsis of… Read More »

Singer letter to SciAm

By | July 24, 2007

In support of the IPCC conclusion that current warming is anthropogenic, Wm. Collins et al. (“The physical science behind climate change,” SciAm August 2007, pp.64-73) assert that the mismatch between surface and troposphere warming trends has now been resolved. However, this claim is not supported by actual observations.

Up Against The Warming Zealots

By | July 24, 2007

Martin Durkin says his British documentary rejecting the idea of human-caused global warming has survived last week’s roasting by the ABC | July 21, 2007 WHEN I agreed to make The Great Global Warming Swindle, I was warned a middle-class fatwa would be placed on my head.

‘Artic Tale’: Global warming goes family friendly

By | July 22, 2007

‘Artic Tale’: Global warming goes family friendly By Andrew C. Revkin Monday, July 23, 2007 NEW YORK: There is something unnerving about watching a polar bear stalk across floating sea ice in the Arctic and doing so from the frigid waters directly beneath the bear, the world’s largest four-legged predator. Overhead, through ice so thin that it is… Read More »