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How Can Climate Scientists Spend So Much?

By | January 18, 2011

Until a few days ago I knew that the US government spent an excessive amount of taxpayer money on climate change research. It was just a general notion; I had read occasional articles showing the funding of certain agencies like NASA but I didn’t know many specifics. Then on New Years Day, I wrote a very quick article… Read More »

Responses to Trenberth’s AMS Bile

By | January 18, 2011

As Steve McIntyre has often commented, with these folks you really have to keep your eye on the pea under the walnut shell. These folks seem to have sub-specialties in the “three-card monte” sub-species of science.

Are Huge Northeast Snow Storms Due to Global Warming?

By | January 12, 2011

The winter of 2009-2010 was a memorable one in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, with locations like Philadelphia enjoying multiple massive snow storms that led to record totals for the winter. As with all exceptional weather events of late, the usual suspects blamed the occurrence on global warming. In a NOAA press release reported in USA Today (,… Read More »

December 2010 – A December to Remember

By | January 11, 2011

December was indeed a December to Remember (or for many, to forget!) with widespread cold and snows. The Central England Temperature record is one of the longest continuous temperature records in the world extending back to the Little Ice age in 1659. December 2010 was the Second Coldest December Temperature in the entire record (352 years) with an… Read More »

Response to Revised Report from Deutsche Bank

By | November 10, 2010

Deutsche Bank Group published a report purporting to respond to skeptic arguments. I took issue with a number of points in that document, and DB has responded with a revision to its original report (available at accompanied by 2 weblog entries at I will discuss their response, indicating where some meeting of minds has occurred, as… Read More »

Senator Bingaman’s Insidious National “Renewable Electricity Standards” Bill, S. 3813

By | November 8, 2010

On September 21, 2010, US Senator Bingaman (D-NM) introduced a bill1 that would create an insidious national “Renewable Electricity Standard” (RES). Bingaman now has 32 cosponsors but expects 60. The bill would result in higher monthly bills for millions of home owners and renters, farms, businesses, industries, hospitals, educational institutions, and any other organization that uses electricity. Despite… Read More »

Despite Billions in Subsidies, Corn Ethanol Has Not Cut U.S. Imports

By | November 8, 2010

In the next few weeks, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to rule on a proposal to increase from 10 percent to 15 percent the amount of ethanol that may be blended into gasoline. If the EPA approves the move, the U.S. motor-fuel market would yet again become the victim of misguided federal intervention. Since the 1970s, Congress… Read More »

Where are the Corpses?

By | October 25, 2010

The record of continental (as opposed to island) bird and mammal extinctions in the last five centuries was analyzed to determine if the “species-area” relationship actually works to predict extinctions. Very few continental birds or mammals are recorded as having gone extinct, and none have gone extinct from habitat reduction alone. No continental forest bird or mammal is… Read More »