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Environmental Issues: What’s Real and What’s Nonsense?

By | February 22, 2011

The story of environmentalism is generally portrayed as one of citizens triumphing over evil corporate polluters, of public awareness, science, and affluence working together to solve pressing problems. There is no problem so huge or so abstract that we cannot solve it if we put our minds to it And solving these problems yields all sorts of positive… Read More »

Of Elephants and Mouseholes

By | February 17, 2011

Summary: The Obama administration is rapidly promulgating greenhouse gas regula tions under the Clean Air Act, something it was arguably never designed to do. This series of regulations is fraught with difficulties as the Environmental Protection Agency is trying to redefine several provisions of the Act in order to apply them to greenhouse gases. This Working Paper examines… Read More »

Demarketing Alberta

By | February 17, 2011

Last week, Michael Ignatieff and 142 other Members of Parliament voted in favour of a motion to ban oil tanker traffic on the north coast of British Columbia. This week, Liberal MP Joyce Murray from Vancouver Quadra introduced Bill C-606 to put that motion into law by amending the Canada Shipping Act to prohibit oil tanker traffic on… Read More »

A Case Against Precipitous Climate Action

By | February 17, 2011

The notion of a static, unchanging climate is foreign to the history of the earth or any other planet with a fluid envelope. The fact that the developed world went into hysterics over changes in global mean temperature anomaly of a few tenths of a degree will astound future generations. Such hysteria simply represents the scientific illiteracy of… Read More »

The Influence of Station Numbers on Temperature Measurement

By | February 14, 2011

Dan intriguing article regarding the influence of the number of stations on the global temperature measurement has been written by Ross McKitrick and published on his website here: Looking at his graph, the eye is instantly drawn to the apparent correlation between the stations and temperature. There is a huge step in the raw mean temperatures around… Read More »

Is 2010 The Hottest Year Ever?

By | February 14, 2011

Dr. James Hansen of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) has announced that 2010 was the “hottest year on record” – by 0.01 degrees. His claim has been widely touted in the press as strong evidence that the climate is rapidly heating – due to human generated CO2 emissions. Dr. Hansen has also stated: “I would not… Read More »

The Truth About Climate Change: An Open Letter to the United States Congress

By | February 9, 2011

On 28 January 2011, eighteen scientists sent a letter to members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate urging them to “take a fresh look at climate change.” Their intent, apparently, was to disparage the views of scientists who disagree with their contention that continued business-as-usual increases in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced from the… Read More »

The Unskeptical Guide to the Skeptics Handbook

By | February 7, 2011

Most of all, the deceptive shell game continues. The Guide offers evidence that supports a direct effect of carbon which amounts to one measly degree if carbon levels double. It offers no evidence that positive feedback will amplify the results up to a wildly high 3 or 4 degrees, and it does not inform readers that there is… Read More »