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Climate Predictability

By | October 26, 2012

This well at Kom Umbu on the banks of the Nile River was built in Roman times. It was connected to the river. The relationship could be calculated between the number of steps inundated each year and the extent of the area that was inundated by beneficial flood water, and was therefore taxable,. This was the world’s first… Read More »

Manmade Contribution to Global Warming is Not a Planetary Emergency

By | August 22, 2012

Many thanks for the invitation to attend your conference and to speak here. I appreciate that a mere politician, a former economist, has been invited to address this well-known gathering of highly respected scientists. If I understand it correctly, this year´s seminar is devoted to the discussion of the role of science and of “planetary emergencies”. To the… Read More »

Does Climate Money Matter? Is A Monopoly Good for a Market?

By | August 20, 2012

Alarmists rarely attack, or even mention the Climate Money paper I did in 2009. It’s an own goal to draw attention to the fact that skeptics are paid a pittance, while the alarm industry soaks in extended baths of cash, grants, and junkets, and the vested interests are a magnitude larger. Exxon might lose some money if a… Read More »

Climate Change and Freedom

By | August 14, 2012

How the regulating class is using claims about climate change to entrench and extend their economic privileges and political control. Climate change is also a freedom issue. We are being presented with only one “solution” to the “problem” of climate change, namely a lot more regulation by our governing bureaucratic class.

Hail Storm Trends

By | August 8, 2012

Insurance costs related to life and property damages caused by extreme weather events have been steadily rising in the United States and elsewhere; and it is not uncommon for many in the insurance industry and government to place the blame for this development on what they claim are significant increases in the frequencies and intensities of severe weather… Read More »

Update on the Latest Climate Change Science: The Natural Occurrence of Extreme Weather

By | August 6, 2012

Senate testimony of Dr. John Christy, August 2012 It is popular again to claim that extreme events, such as the current central U.S. drought, are evidence of human-caused climate change. Actually, the Earth is very large, the weather is very dynamic, and extreme events will continue to occur somewhere, every year, naturally. The recent “extremes” were exceeded in… Read More »

Be Skeptical of Skeptic’s Skepticism of Skeptics

By | July 25, 2012

Be skeptical, be very skeptical, of Skeptic magazine’s skepticism of climate skeptics. The latest issue has, as its cover story, a Climate Change Q&A, revealingly subtitled Climate Deniers’ Arguments & Climate Scientists’ Answers. The article, written by Dr. Donald Prothero, a geology professor at Occidental College, opens with the bold heading How We Know Global Warming is Real… Read More »