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Christmas Snow Job

By | December 29, 2008

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… well, it’s Christmas and all those wonderful holiday-season movies are back on the airwaves. One common feature is snow—we get the impression that every American lives in a place that guarantees a white Christmas. Truth be known, Americans experiencing a white Christmas are on a decline due entirely to migration… Read More »

Wind Energy will be an early test of Obama’s White House Staff

By | December 23, 2008

President-elect Obama has said that he would promote “wind farms” as one way to create more jobs. This idea is consistent with popular wisdom about wind energy and, therefore, sounded good while Mr. Obama was in the Senate and during his presidential campaign. The problem for Mr. Obama now is that this popular wisdom is wrong. Contrary to… Read More »

Letter to Senator McCain

By | November 2, 2008

Dear Senator McCain, Sir, YOU CHOSE a visit to a wind-farm in early summer 2008 to devote an entire campaign speech to the reassertion of your belief in the apocalyptic vision of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change – a lurid and fanciful account of imagined future events that was always baseless, was briefly exciting among the less thoughtful species… Read More »

Global Warming as a Natural Response to Cloud Changes Associated with Pacific Decadal Oscillation

By | October 20, 2008

A simple climate model forced by satellite-observed changes in the Earth’s radiative budget associated with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation is shown to mimic the major features of global average temperature change during the 20th Century – including two-thirds of the warming trend. A mostly-natural source of global warming is also consistent with mounting observational evidence that the climate… Read More »

The IPCC report: What the lead authors really think

By | October 5, 2008

In the final months of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fourth Assessment reporting in 2007, the world’s three leading climate science agencies asked people directly and intimately involved with the report for their views on how the process had gone and some of the key issues it raised.

West Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics

By | September 18, 2008

For quite some time now, the world’s climate alarmists have obsessed over what they contend will be the imminent demise of theWest Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) if human-induced CO2 emissions are not dramatically reduced. As Al Gore (2006) has phrased it, if "half of Antarctica melted or broke up and slipped into the sea, sea levels worldwide would… Read More »

Frogs & Global Warming

By | August 29, 2008

Back in 1995, schoolchildren in Minnesota discovered a number of frogs that had more than their normal complement of hind appendages. Further investigations revealed other abnormalities: missing limbs, twisted jaws and declining populations all around the globe. Was it checkout time for toads? The end of the world for amphibians? A harbinger of even more terrible things about… Read More »

Biofuels – Summary Update from CO2 Science

By | August 15, 2008

In a world where food is fast becoming scarce in many places, it seems strange indeed to use the planet’s land and water resources for growing anything else, as we note in our critique of Sir John Houghton’s Creation Care Crusade, which is described by Feder (2007). In this regard, for example, Johansson and Azar (2007) analyzed what… Read More »

Testimony of Dr. Roy Spencer at Senate Public Works Committee

By | July 21, 2008

I would like to thank Senator Boxer and members of the Committee for allowing me to discuss my experiences as a NASA employee engaged in global warming research, as well as to provide my current views on the state of the science of global warming and climate change. I have a PhD in Meteorology from the University of… Read More »