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Cash for Climate

By | January 15, 2010

This past summer the United States introduced its "cash for clunkers" program in an attempt to rejuvenate the failing auto sector. Originally slated to cost US taxpayers $1 billion, the program soon ballooned to $3 billion in payouts and administrative costs. The idea was simple; bring in your older vehicle and receive a cash injection towards the purchase… Read More »

Global Warming: The Social Construction of a Quasi-Reality?

By | January 13, 2010

ABSTRACT: The pressure to prove that anthropogenic global warming is real, and happening now has become so strong, that in spite of major and irresolvable uncertainties in climate models, there is a daily renewal and re-inforcement of the idea of scientific certainty in the mainstream media. Whilst uncertainties are often acknowledged in the body of scientific reports, they… Read More »

EPA’s Tailoring Rule

By | January 13, 2010

December 28, 2009 was the final day to submit comments on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) proposed Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Title V Greenhouse Gas Tailoring Rule. This is the rulemaking in which EPA proposes to “tailor” the Clean Air Act’s (CAA or Act’s) Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) pre-construction permitting program and Title V operating permits… Read More »

“Global Warming”: Science or Deceit?

By | December 22, 2009

Is the summit of world leaders in Copenhagen (from December 7 to December 18) on the adoption of measures to counter the adverse effects of climate change humanistic/ pragmatic action of world’s politicians or is it just another fraud? Summit During the past few days, the term “Climategate” has been frequently appearing on the Internet since many alternative… Read More »

Understanding Climate-Gate’s Hidden Decline

By | December 21, 2009

Close followers of the Climategate controversy know that much of the mêlée surrounds an e-mail in which Climate Research Unit (CRU) chief Phil Jones wrote about using “Mike’s Nature Trick” (MNT) to “hide the decline.” And yet, seventeen days and thousands of almost exclusively on-line op-eds into this scandal, it still seems that very few understand exactly which… Read More »

In Praise of Carbon

By | December 17, 2009

Children are having nightmares about their carbon footprint. What a pretty pass modern man has brought himself to! Frightening children with scary stories about hell fire is the way our ancestors drilled society into conformity. It might have been hoped that the age of science would bring all that to an end, but now we have entered the… Read More »

Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme

By | November 30, 2009

I rise to speak on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bill 2009 [No. 2] and related bills. In my opinion this is some of the most significant legislation to be debated in this place. Whenever I speak on legislation, I only do so after thoroughly researching and analysing the issue being debated. I always try to make the… Read More »