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Fallacies about Global Warming

By | September 7, 2007

It is widely alleged that the science of global warming is “settled”. This implies that all the major scientific aspects of climate change are well understood and uncontroversial, and that scientists are now just mopping up unimportant details. The allegation is profoundly untrue: for example the US alone is said to be spending more than $4 billion annually… Read More »

Peer review? What peer review?

By | September 6, 2007

The IPCC would have us believe that its reports are diligently reviewed by many hundreds of scientists and that these reviewers endorse the contents of the report. An analysis of the reviewers’ comments for the scientific assessment report by Working Group I show a very different and very worrying story.

Bad News for Science in Newsweek

By | August 9, 2007

The Third International Mathematics and Science Study Results reveals that US public school children are remarkably sub par in math and science capabilities. Apparently things are not much brighter for the adults at Newsweek Magazine.

Poor Form—Comments on the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

By | August 9, 2007

Apparently, some people know no boundaries for indecency. Take Joseph Romm for instance. Romm, a former member of the Clinton administration, claimed Monday that global warming might have played a factor in the collapse of the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis last week.

The Myth of Dangerous Human Caused Climate Change

By | July 19, 2007

  Whether dangerous human-caused climate change is a fact, possibly a fact or a fabrication depends on who you choose to believe. Many of us line up somewhere between probable and possible on this spectrum.   John Roskam – Director, Institute of public Affairs, Melbourne, Australia