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Sea Level is Not Rising

By | December 7, 2012

Main points – At most, global average sea level is rising at a rate equivalent to 2-3 inches per century. It is probably not rising at all. – Sea level is measured both by tide gauges and, since 1992, by satellite altimetry. One of the keepers of the satellite record told Professor Mörner that the record had been… Read More »

Hurricanes in the Indian Ocean

By | June 28, 2012

Climate alarmists typically claim that tropical cyclones tend to become both more frequent and more intense as planetary temperatures rise; and as a result, scientists continually strive to develop ever better temporal histories of these particular TC characteristics for various ocean basins around the world. We here summarize what they have learned with respect to such storms in… Read More »

Dark Ages Cold Period in North America

By | March 16, 2012

One climatic cycle that has been found to occur throughout the globe during both glacial and interglacial periods alike is a millennial-scale oscillation that regularly alternates between warmer and colder intervals, the past two cycles of which have brought us the relative warmth of the Roman Warm Period[1], the relative coolness of the Dark Ages Cold Period[2], the… Read More »

Nasa: “Hide This After Jim Checks It”

By | July 28, 2010

The word “hide” has obviously attracted a lot of attention lately – “hide the decline” even occasioning its own song. Today I’d like to discuss the following remarkable instructions by a NASA employee in the recently disclosed NASA emails (available at Judicial Watch): Robert please move to the CU site and hide this after Jim checks it. Darnell… Read More »

The Money Trail

By | March 13, 2010

Somehow the tables have turned. For all the smears of big money funding the “deniers”, the numbers reveal that the sceptics are actually the true grassroots campaigners, while Greenpeace defends Wall St. How times have changed. Sceptics are fighting a billion dollar industry aligned with a trillion dollar trading scheme. Big Oil’s supposed evil influence has been vastly… Read More »

Updated WMO Consensus Perspective on Tropical Cyclones

By | March 1, 2010

A team of researchers under the auspices of the World Meteorological Organization has published a new review paper in Nature Geoscience (PDF) updating consensus perspectives published in 1998 and 2006. The author team includes prominent scientists from either side of the "hurricane wars" of 2005-2006: Thomas R. Knutson, John L. McBride, Johnny Chan, Kerry Emanuel, Greg Holland, Chris… Read More »

The Gold Standard

By | December 23, 2009

In 1971, the United States abandoned the gold standard, effectively ending the ability to convert dollars into gold. Now another gold standard has taken its place, i.e., the science produced by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). According to NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco, the IPCC is "the gold standard for authoritative scientific information on climate change… Read More »

Parturient Montes: Nascetur Ridiculus Mus

By | December 22, 2009

The mountains shall labor, and what will be born? A stupid little mouse. Thanks to hundreds of thousands of US citizens who contacted their elected representatives to protest about the unelected, communistic world government with near-infinite powers of taxation, regulation and intervention that was proposed in early drafts of the Copenhagen Treaty, there is no Copenhagen Treaty. There… Read More »