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“Huge Antarctic ice-sheet disintegrates”

By | April 3, 2008

The scare: “A 13,680-square-kilometer (5,282-square-mile) ice shelf, part of the Wilkins Ice Shelf, has begun to collapse because of rapid climate change in the fast-warming Antarctic Peninsula. The Wilkins is one of a string of ice shelves that… The truth: The Wilkins Ice Shelf, like many of the ice shelves surrounding the Antarctic Peninsula, was not there in… Read More »

Al Gore: “This is about survival …we can’t wait for someone else to stop global warming”

By | April 3, 2008

The scare: Al Gore launched his $300 million “global warming” ad campaign on 30 March 2008. Lesley Stahl sycophantically described him as the “PR agent for the planet” during a CBS 60 Minutes interview in which he suggested that warmer weather was an urgent problem for the world…. The truth: Warmer weather caused by greenhouse-gas enrichment of the… Read More »