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Yet another “moment of fateful decision”

By | January 6, 2009

The scare: At the December 2008 UN climate conference at Poznan, held during the coldest commencement of the European winter in 30 years, former vice-president Al Gore said that the human species had arrived at yet another “moment of fateful decision”, because “our home, Earth, is in danger”. He said he would state “a few facts, if only… Read More »

“Global Cooling is really Global Warming”

By | January 5, 2009

The scare: On 2 January 2009, the Wall Street Journal wrote one of a series of articles apparently co-ordinated throughout the generally alarmist news media throughout the holiday season, trying to overcome the problem posed for “global warming” alarmists by the fact that global mean surface temperatures have been on a downtrend for eight straight years (Figure 1):

“Wilder and wetter everywhere”

By | December 11, 2008

The scare: The Guardian, one of the two UK newspapers most prone to write unverified and scientifically-inaccurate stories about the consequences of “global warming”, published an article on 10 December 2008, intended to influence delegates at the UN’s Poznan conference on the climate. The article listed a series of alleged climate catastrophes all round the world, saying that… Read More »

“Companies could be sued over climate change”

By | December 11, 2008

The scare: In early December 2008, The Guardian, a newspaper of the British Left and an unquestioning true-believer in the catastrophist version of climate alarm, quoted Professor Myles Allen, a physicist at Oxford University, as saying computer models such as one that he has developed can now ascribe individual extreme-weather events to anthropogenic “global warming”, allowing environmental pressure… Read More »

Withdraw your savings from Bank of America!

By | December 7, 2008

The scare: Bank of America has issued a “Policy On Climate Change” that says – The truth: Bank of America has no business taking sides on the political issue of climate change, and still less business taking the scientifically-baseless side. “Global climate change” has been occurring for billions of years. Life has thriven. The climate has been warming… Read More »

Coolest year for a decade means more ‘global warming’ to come

By | December 7, 2008

The scare: In early December 2008, The Guardian, the newspaper of Britain’s public-sector elite, finally admitted to its readers that “global warming” has been replaced by global cooling, saying that 2008 would be the “coolest year of the decade”, one-seventh of a degree Celsius below the average for the past ten years. However, the paper said, “Cooler temperature… Read More »

“Global warming spreads malaria”

By | November 15, 2008

The scare: The Times of India reported in the autumn of 2008 that James H. Diaz, program director for environmental and occupational health at Louisiana State University, had said that as international travel increased and climate patterns changed the US was becoming a more stable ecosystem for malaria mosquitoes. Diaz said that warm, dry summers followed by heavy… Read More »

“Artic Icecap is Melting, Even in Winter”

By | October 29, 2008

The scare: Jonathan Leake, in The Times of London on 26 October 2008, says: 1. The Arctic icecap is “shrinking at record rates” even in the winter; 2. “The period in which the ice renews itself has become much shorter”; 3. The “even more alarming” cause of the thinner ice is warmer seas rather than warmer air; 4.… Read More »

“The Methane Time Bomb”

By | October 29, 2008

The scare: On September 23, 2008, The Independent wrote yet another in its series of articles predicting that “global warming” will produce what has become known as a “methane burp” as vast reserves of the gas locked in Northern-Hemisphere permafrost are released by “global warming”. Methane, in a given concentration, is 23 times more potent as a greenhouse… Read More »

“X years to Climate Catastrophe”

By | September 3, 2008

The scare: In the late summer of 2008, the once-serious Washington Post published a joint op-ed article by the president of the formerly-prestigious Brookings Institute and a foreign-policy wonk who works there. The article, entitled “Seven Years To Climate Midnight”, took a now-traditional form, claiming that we have only x years (x being declared equal to 7 in… Read More »