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Dr. Tim Ball Responds to Gore Video

By | November 11, 2009

In this short clip Gore repeats most of the falsehoods from his movie “An Inconvenient Truth.” What’s amazing is he does this even though many other groups have identified the errors. For example, among scientists Lord Christopher Monckton identified 35 major errors.

The Absurd Results Doctrine

By | November 11, 2009

‘In recent years, many Americans have had cause to wonder whether decisions made at EPA were guided by science and the law, or whether those principles had been trumped by politics," declared Lisa Jackson in San Francisco last week. The Environmental Protection Agency chief can’t stop kicking the Bush Administration, but the irony is that the Obama EPA‚Ķ Read More »

That Famous Consensus

By | November 11, 2009

Yet another example of the ‘research’ masquerading as science that is used to reinforce the man-made global warming fraud. One of the difficulties the green zealots have had is that Antarctica has been not warming but cooling, with the extent of its ice reaching record levels.

Four Degrees Celsius in 50 Years?

By | November 11, 2009

Last week, Yugratna Srivastava, a 13-year-old Indian girl, was hired by the United Nations to present a poem to the world’s leaders and the humanity. In the tradition of Nazi and Soviet methods of propaganda, a kid was asked to explain that our world is gonna fry unless everyone buys all the ideology and policies that her propagandistic‚Ķ Read More »

The Science of Deceit

By | November 2, 2009

A well-accepted aphorism about science, in the context of difference of opinion between two points of view, is “Madam, you are entitled to your own interpretation, but not to your own facts”. The world stoker of the fires of global warming alarmism, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), cleverly suborns this dictum in two ways.

Essays on Copenhagen Climate Treaty

By | October 27, 2009

Halloween just got scarier – much scarier. I’m not talking about a new Hollywood slasher film or a new line of grotesque costumes, but a possible political nightmare scenario in which the White House could be positioned to sell out U.S. sovereignty, shred the Constitution and leave you and yours to the whims of foreign powers.