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When ‘green’ is shorthand for environmental idiocy

By | April 18, 2008

When it comes to all things "green," common sense seems to have been abandoned. Our failure to think clearly about such matters would be amusing if the potential consequences were not so serious. Consider the recent "lights out" campaign that supposedly should energize the world about the problems of climate change by urging citizens in 27 big cities… Read More »

THe REAL invonvenient truth, Zealotry over Warming Could Damage Earth More than Climate Change

By | April 7, 2008

Over the past half-century, we have become used to planetary scares. In the late Sixties, we were told of a population explosion that would lead to global starvation. Then, a little later, we were warned the world was running out of natural resources. By the Seventies, when global temperatures began to dip, many eminent scientists warned us that… Read More »

Global Warming Profiteers Are Wrong

By | April 4, 2008

Climate alarmists are alarmed, scaremongers scared, for their predictions of catastrophe are not coming true. "Global warming" has stopped. For 10 years, average temperatures on earth have not risen. For seven years, the trend has been downward. The fall between January 2007 and January 2008 was the biggest since records began in 1880.

‘An Inconvenient Book’ Review

By | April 3, 2008

A main function of the news media is to inform the public about local and world affairs. Another main function, of course, is to make money for the owners and shareholders. From time to time, like every day, these two functions conflict.

March of the Zealots

By | March 24, 2008

Every age has its dominant caste. This is the age of the zealot. Twenty years ago they were dismissed as cranks and fanatics, but now they are licensed to interfere in the every day lives of ordinary people to an unprecedented degree. When Bernard Levin first identified the new phenomenon of the SIFs (Single Issue Fanatics) many of… Read More »

Hey, Nobel Prize Winners, Answer Me This

By | March 14, 2008

As a climate scientist, I would like to see some answers to a few basic global warming science questions which I’m sure the U.N.’s Ministry of Global Warming Truth (also known as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC) can handle. After all, since they are 90% confident that recent global warming is manmade, they surely must have… Read More »

The Fluid Envelope

By | March 14, 2008

Editor’s Note: Our charter to report on clean technology and the status of species and ecosystems seems to always bring us back to one overriding distraction – global warming alarm – and small wonder. We are in the midst of one of the most dramatic transformations of political economy in the history of the world – and nobody… Read More »

From Climate Alarmism to Climate Realism,Speech by Hon Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic

By | March 12, 2008

Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, I would like first of all to thank the organizers of this important conference for making it possible and also for inviting one politically incorrect politician from Central Europe to come and speak here. This meeting will undoubtedly make a significant contribution to the moving away from the irrational climate alarmism to the… Read More »