Speaking Truth to “Wind” Power

By | April 17, 2009

Speaking Truth to "Wind" Power 
 Submission to Legislative Committee on Bill 150
by Michael Trebilcock ~ April 7, 2009 Michael Trebilcock, a renowned economist and friend of the environment, will be appearing at the Ontario legislature tonight, arguing against the Ontario government’s proposed Green Energy Act. For the many good reason he outlines, this green act is anything… Read More »

No, We Don’t Need Five Planets

By | April 17, 2009

By Bjorn Lomborg | April 15, 2009 ACCORDING to conventional wisdom, we are voraciously using the world’s resources and living way beyond Earth’s means. This narrative of decline and pessimism underlies much of today’s environmental discourse and is often formulated in a simple fashion: by 2030, we will need two planets to sustain us, owing to higher living… Read More »

A Farmer’s View On Carbon Credits

By | April 14, 2009

Written by Farmer Steve   I have changed my mind about participating in the carbon credit program. And have resolved to give the money I received to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Here is why. Recently I sat in the fire hall with a few dozen farmers. We had been invited to hear how we can get paid for… Read More »